Neuromonitoring Technologies

Don’t Leave the Brain Behind
Telemetry for the Brain Not Just the Heart

NMT is an elite group of individuals with highly specialized expertise and training. As ICU and EMU brain monitoring are part of 24/7/365 standard medical practice, NMT is eliminating the concern for hospitals to recruit hard-to-find trained Neuromonitoring Specialists.

NMT veteran Neuromonitoring Specialists have 40 years combined expertise in hospital ICU brain monitoring and EMU long term monitoring settings. NMT specialists have completed the ABRET® Board Certification in EEG (R.EEG T.) and Long-Term Monitoring CLTM examinations.

Continuous delivery of 4 patients to each Neuromonitoring Specialist, a 4/1 patient to practitioner ratio, all clients are guaranteed compliance for accurate CPT coding.

We begin with a vision of partnership with our hospital clients. NMT works with each facility as a service extender to support a team approach to meeting the hospital’s goals of accountable patient care and safety.

Working with NMT allows hospitals to keep their patients in-house for assessment of immediate brain function and avoids patient transport to outside facilities.

cEEG Remote Monitoring

Continuous Neuro Assessment of the Critically Ill Patient For Quality Outcomes.

Continuous EEG assessment for critically ill patients.

LTM/EMU Monitoring

Real Time Continuous Assessment for Classification and Quantification of Seizures.

Evaluate and diagnose seizures in patients of all demographics.

Specialty Services

Tailored support to assist your facility to include: Developing policies and procedures, clipping and pruning EEG data, streamlining workflow processes, providing educational seminars and more.

Physician Reading Services

24/7/365 Fellowship trained board-certified neurologists/ epileptologists

Quality Assurance: Regulations and Guidelines

NMT has made a corporate commitment to manage and mitigate risk in such a way that all Neuromonitoring Specialists and NMT team members understand that they each play a vital role in ensuring patient safety and delivery of high-quality patient care. Our objectives are to rapidly identify, evaluate, control and manage the impact of risk to our patients we serve and the hospitals we partner with. This is accomplished by maintaining a systematic on-going quality management (QA) program with integrated risk and compliance measures. Led by the NMT Medical Director, the quality program requires daily and monthly review of completed monitoring sessions for each clinical staff to assess continued competency and adherence to protocol and policy.

The QA management process is auditable and transparent providing outcomes to measure success, identify areas that require improvement, and guide performance and quality improvement initiatives.

Commitment to Quality Care: A Passion for Patients

Joint Commission Compliance

NMT’s quality program is an auditable and transparent process providing outcomes to measure success, identify areas that require correction, and guide performance and quality improvement initiatives. NMT works closely with medical facilities to ensure proper daily and quarterly reporting methods used for the safety of all patients.

Quality Assurance: Regulations and Guidelines

NMT services follow the guidelines of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society, the American Telemedicine Association and the ASET Position Statement for Advanced LTM Analyst Long-Term Monitoring.