NMT has a proven commitment to patient care, positive patient outcomes, and physician/hospital satisfaction in all patient demographics.

The company culture revolves around patient-centered service in a caring and compassionate manner. Our goal is for each hospital client to recognize NMT as a valuable extension to their patient care team, not just another “vendor”. NMT’s neuromonitoring specialists are experienced in providing services in the university, community and rural hospital. We understand the challenges required in the prevention and treatment, costs and health outcomes facing our hospital clients. We begin with a vision of partnership with our hospital clients. NMT works with each facility as a service extender to support a team approach to meeting the hospital’s goals of accountable patient care and safety.

24/7/365 Coverage

Bringing patients into an epilepsy monitoring unit for seizure classification, characterization and quantification of seizures is a significant undertaking for the hospital facility. Using ABRET® board certified neuromonitoring specialists, NMT will document and analyze EEG patterns in real-time and present these to the hospital neurologists for determination of whether or not recorded events are epileptic in nature for both the adult and pediatric patient populations.

Patient Safety

Due to the limited number of qualified technologists, 24/7/365 EMU monitoring is generally not available at most hospitals. This staffing inadequacy puts patients at risk.[1] Patients who are unattended during a seizure can fall or injure themselves in a number of ways and can pull out surgically implanted electrodes. NMT’s 24/7/365 observation with rapid identification of semiology and seizures reported directly to the in-house care giver alerts hospital staff of emergencies should the patient need immediate attention or treatment to stop prolonged seizures.

Shortened Length of Stay

Providing 24/7/365 EMU support can expedite the diagnosis or pre-surgical evaluation process and generally decrease the length of stay for the patient. This will maximize the EMU efforts for those patients with insurance plans that grant a limited number of days in an EMU unit.