Our breadth of knowledge and expertise ranges from analysis of the adult to the neonate.

NMT Neuromonitoring Specialists blend real-time continuous EEG (cEEG) data with cerebral hemodynamics and cardiovascular parameters to offer a complete multidisciplinary overview of the nervous system. Our goal is to correlate relationships between physiological variables with cEEG patterns and report these to the ICU team to anticipate seizures and ischemic events in advance versus reporting seizures/ischemia after they have occurred for maximal patient outcomes. Timely intervention provides immediate direction of clinical management.


NMT was founded in 1998 in the Mid-Atlantic region first offering IONM services. In 2012 NMT added the Division of Neurodiagnostic Services to provide continuous EEG for epilepsy monitoring units and ICUs. This specialized staff offers their expertise in neuromonitoring, specializing in adult and pediatric EMUs and surgical, pediatric, neonatal, and general medicine ICUs.

Neuromonitoring Specialists

An elite group of individuals

NMT provides Neuromonitoring Specialists who have successfully completed the ABRET® Board Certification in Long Term Monitoring (CLTM) examination. This is an elite group of individuals with highly specialized expertise and training in cEEG for the intensive care unit (ICU) and epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU). As of August 2022, there are exactly 656 individuals that possess the elite CLTM credential.

Neurotelemetry in the ICU and LTM in the EMU is associated with acute and emergent medical challenges that distinguish it from routine lab or bedside EEG. As a result, NMT supports the position to employ the most highly specialized group of individuals with advanced critical care experience to evaluate data that is beyond the scope of routine diagnostic studies.

Sabrina Galloway, B.S., R. EEG/EPT., CNIM, CLTM, FASET

Managing Partner and Founding Member
Director of Neurodiagnostic Services

Ms. Galloway is an internationally recognized leader in the neuromonitoring field with over 35 years of experience of proven competence and success. Ms. Galloway was an early pioneer in establishing 24/7 long term monitoring (LTM) programs in several university hospital settings in the United States. She is an accomplished medical administrator with a strong background in strategic operations management. Her consulting experience with The Joint Commission accreditation standards provides for a knowledge base of governmental, regulatory and hospital compliance. Ms. Galloway has published numerous peer reviewed articles in neurodiagnostics and authored multiple book chapters. She lends her expertise to every hospital client she works with for improved quality patient care, evidence based best practices and risk management mitigation.