Comprehensive Neuromonitoring Services to Support Your Team

Tailored for your specific needs NMT offers a variety of neurodiagnostic services. Working alongside your current in-house Electroneurodiagnostic staff, NMT helps manage the daily demand levels for services specifically, in smaller END laboratories where patient to staffing ratio is limited. With NMT’s expertise a wide scope of complex monitoring in different patient populations with a variety of diagnoses reduces risk and provides for positive patient outcomes.

Ambulatory Monitoring

NMT provides continuous or intermittent monitoring for validation of in-home ambulatory testing, remote EEG and Video. Intermittent support is defined as every two (2) hours for ten-minute sessions according to CMS & CPT code requirements. Let us know how we can provide additional or overflow support to your service-line.

Post Hoc Retrospective Review

In addition to real-time monitoring, NMT provides post-hoc analysis of cEEG data.  A neuromonitoring specialist will review the study in it’s entirety and complete all necessary clipping and pruning.  This aids in a timely diagnosis, reduction of server space and saves in-house resources so technologists can focus on direct patient care.

Remote cEEG Surgical Monitoring

The experienced team at NMT hold advanced certifications including CLTM.  Neuromonitoring Specialists are well-versed in stereotactic EEG and carefully monitor to quantify and characterize seizures for Phase II epilepsy monitoring.  NMT Neuromonitoring Specialists have hands-on experience with epilepsy surgery candidates and will work closely with the facility’s neurology team and EMU staff.

Customized Program Execution

NMT is here to help you customize, plan and implement an entire EMU or ICU program or to help write a policy for your program. Have a question, give us a call. NMT partners with your hospital, the medical staff and hospital administration in joint education programs, customer improvement projects, research opportunities, co-marketing and/or other like projects related to neurodiagnostic services.

Clinical Research Support

NMT provides clinical research support by working directly with CRO’s and other practitioners for the collection and maintenance of neurological clinical data. With our CITI trained practitioners research partners can be assured the collection and management of data is ethical and in compliance with colleges and universities, healthcare institutions, technology and research organizations, and governmental agencies.